2011-19 GM 3500 Truck (4WD), 7" Lift Kit w/ front & rear shocks ***FREE SHIPPING IN THE 48 STATES***

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MG-52351 - FS48
370.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Description: 7" Premium Lift Kit (Silver Powder Coat)

Part Number: 52351

Desired Lift: 7"

Application: 4WD

Vehicle(s): 2011-2019 GM Truck 3500, DIESEL


Kit Includes: (2) Spindles, (2) Lift Blocks w/ U-bolts & Hardware, (1) Front Crossmember, (1) Rear Crossmember, (1) Skid Plate, (2) Sway Bar End Links, (2) Compression Struts, (2) Lower A-frame Support Rods, (2) Torsion Bar Drops, (1) Differential Drop, (1) CV Axle Spacer, (1) Weld-in Filler Plate, (4) Front & Rear Bump Stops, (1) Brake Cable Extenders, (1) Rear Brake Bracket Extenders, (2) Rear Compression Strut Retainer Brackets, (2) Front Brake Line Bracket Extenders, (2) Upper Shock Mounts w/ Hardware, (2) Front Shocks & (2) Rear Shocks


*Optional Add-Ons: 

Upper Control Arms #52314 (not included with kit)

Torsion Keys #52310 (not included with kit)

Rear Lift Shims #52361 (not included with kit)

Traction Bars #52318 (not included with kit)

Upgraded Front Reservoir Shocks #1102 (not included with kit)

Upgraded Rear Reservoir Shocks #1103 (not included with kit)

Front Shock Reservoir Mounts #52357 (not included with kit)

Upgraded Compression Struts #52315 (not included with kit)

Billet Face Plates for Upgraded Compression Struts #51411 (Black) / #51413 (Raw) (not included with kit)

Billet Face Plates for Traction Bars #51321 (Black) / #51323 (Raw) (not included with kit)

Billet Ball Joint Cap for Upper Control Arms #51052 (not included with kit)


**This kit can be adjusted to 8" or 9". You will need Torsion Keys #52310 (sold separately), to raise up the front. You will also need the Rear Lift Shim Kit #52361 (sold separately), to raise the rear up.**


***If running this kit at the 9" position, we highly recommend using Upper Control Arms #52314 (sold separately) to help with bump stop clearance issues***


**** PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing the optional rear shims and rear traction bars, you may need to get longer u-bolts than what come with the kit. This is most common on 3500 trucks when installing all the rear shims along with rear traction bars. ****


   WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Over-sized tires and heavier wheels can cause premature wear on factory and aftermarket components like ball joints, bushings, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, idlers arms, drive-lines, etc…  You may need to replace / install new components sooner than factory recommendations based on the wheels and tires you choose. Please note that the heavier and wider wheels and tires combined with aggressive driving (off-road and on highways) will cause more wear on ALL moving parts, factory and aftermarket. Especially when vehicle is in 4wd or Auto-4wd / AWD modes. 


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review