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Product Overview

SwitchSpeed NON-LEVELING Controller

The SwitchSpeed™ controller offers all of the standard functions that you’ve come to expect from a traditional switchbox, but that is where the similarities stop. AccuAir’s proprietary Advanced Burst-Control-Technology™ allows you to choose between three different modes of adjustment: precise/moderate/full speed. The burst speeds for each of these modes are user-tunable to achieve improved precision from even the largest valves on the market. Although the SwitchSpeed™ does not offer the present heights like the e-Level™ controller, it can easily upgraded to the e-Level™ system down the road.

  • (1) SwitchSpeed™ Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with plug & play harnesses and Built-in Fuses.
  • (1) SwitchSpeed™ Interface (Electroless Nickel or Black Anodized Finish) w/ 20 ft USB Cable.
  • (1) Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware.
  • (1) Installation & Operation Manuals.


  • Manual control of each individual air spring along with front/rear paired adjustments.
  • 3 user programmable valve adjustment speeds: precise - moderate - full.
  • Advanced burst-control technology precise control over any valve.
  • Optional air compressor/air tank pressure management upgrade gives three optional tank pressures (150/175/200psi)for more reliable air compressor management. It also monitors vehicle voltage and automatically turns the compressor(s) OFF at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery.
  • “All-down” Function can be programmed as a momentary “pancake” or as a timer-based all-down function.
  • 100% weather tolerant for under vehicle mounting.
  • Plug-n-Play wiring harness for ease of installation.
  • Each system is 100% factory tested.

Tech Specs:

  • Compatible Suspension Type: 4-corner full air suspension.
  • No. of Savable Heights: None.
  • Voltage Requirements: 9.5 -16 volts.
  • Current Requirements: 15 amps (max).
  • Valve Output: (8) 12-volt solenoid valves.
  • Compressor Output: 3-amps max.
  • Tank Pressure Range: 0-200 PSI (user-adjustable).
  • Connectors: IP67 certified.
  • Switch Speed™ Connector: USB-mini b



 warning-triangle-ca-final-01.pngWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


(No reviews yet) Write a Review